We are a family run business that believes in environmentally friendly traveling. Ollero Eco Lodge started with the desire of its owners, four siblings, to bring a new adventure travel style to Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland.

Ollero Eco Lodge is a traditional Finnish cottage, where we used to spend all holidays and weekends during our childhood. Now our goal is to provide a top holiday experience to you in our perfect hideout place and its rugged natural beauty. Ollero Eco Lodge aims to diversify the Lapland travel culture and bring tourists closer to the arctic nature and landscapes with local activities.

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Arttu is the oldest of us and manages the daily tasks of Ollero Eco Lodge. He is the host and CEO. Arttu is a 38 years old friendly family guy. He lives in Rovaniemi with his wonderful wife Irina and their two beautiful daughters. Arttu is an engineer by profession as well as a passionate entrepreneur. He likes to spend his free time with the family and take his dog with and go hunting or fly fishing.  In the picture next to Santa Claus is Iiris. She is the manager of our team happiness. 

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Arttu is more than happy to help you when planning your trip and during your stay at Ollero Eco Lodge. He will make sure everything runs smoothly and please do not hesitate to give him a call or text if there are any requests. He lives only few kilometers away from the Ollero Eco Lodge.

Rest of us are more behind the scenes. Aaro is the second oldest of us. He lives in Oulu with his amazing family. Aaro is a pragmatic guy and gives outstanding know-how on pretty much everything for Ollero Eco Lodge. Sisters Anni and Amalia have put their effort on creating the brand and putting the story together in an environmentally friendly way. They have also given valuable feminine opinions on interior design. They both live and work in Helsinki. 

Huge thanks of making this all happen go to our loving parents who bought the place over 40 years ago, Tapani and Sirpa. If lucky you might even meet them during your stay. Tapani is still the only one in our family who knows the best heating tactics of the smoke sauna. 




Ollero is the name for the property, where Ollero Eco Lodge is. Ollero is the cottage, where we, four siblings, used to spend all holidays and weekends, when we were young kids. It is a very important and dear place for us. Below you find its history in a nutshell.

In 1975, the main house was shifted to its present location by the previous owner. Before that, it served over 100 years as a base in a village called Savukoski, where lumberjacks used to stay when they were working several days in a row far away from home. It was imported in parts and rebuilt one log at a time. At the same time the sleeping cabin was shifted to Ollero. It used to serve as a woodshed. In the same year, an outdoor toilet was built in the yard of Ollero. 

In 1979, Tapani announced in the local newspaper that he was willing to buy a summer cottage or property for a cottage within 50 km from Rovaniemi. He received four offers and ended up buying Ollero with his wife Sirpa. 

In 1980, lots of trees were felled from the yard, because the property was heavily wooded. Also, the damp path leading to the shore, was filled with soil from a nearby road repair. In the same year, the cottage got supplied with electricity and an old wood-burning stove got replaced with an electric stove. At the time, the main house was similar to today, except that the water came from a fountain.

In 1981, Tapani renovated the woodshed and turned it into the sleeping cabin.  Back these days one of the rooms was a warehouse and the other one a bedroom.
In 1982, an old barn from Sinettä was shifted here for a woodshed. Both of our grandfathers were helping Tapani to rebuild the barn.  

In 1983, Tapani renovated the rest of the sleeping cabin and built a sleeping loft. In the same year, an old granary travelled to Ollero from a farm in Tervola. A year later, Tapani rebuilt the building one log at a time and got a big stove installed. This is how our smoke sauna was built. In the summer of 1985,  the roof got fixed and the sauna goers enjoyed their first steam.

In 1984, an old shed and a small sheep shed arrived to Ollero. The former became a children's playhouse, and the latter serves as a storage. Also, a tin roof got installed on the main house. The old roof was waveguide made.

In 1985, Tapani made a “liana” of a rope and a  five meters high tree house for the kids to play.

In 1986, Tapani built a barbecue shed behind the main building and the old wood-burning stove from the main house, which had been waiting in the warehouse, was shifted there for grilling purposes.

In 1987, Tapani made a tennis court under a power line near the main house. It was a clay court for a year before water-permeable asphalt was laid on the clay. Shortly after, the boundaries were painted followed by the installation of boundary nets and a sphere wall.

In 1988, an authorization was obtained and an exit from Ollero pond to Ounasriver was dug. At the same time, dredging was carried out on Ollero ponds shore. The following winter a filter cloth full of sand was placed on the ice above the dredging site. As the snow and ice melted in the spring, the filter cloth and sand sank to the bottom of the pond.  As a result, Ollero has a nice sandy beach.

In 1992, an old hay barn from Loue was shifted to Ollero. It was placed behind the sleeping cabin and rebuilt a log at the time to serve as a warehouse. Since then, there have only been minor renovations in the property.

In 2003, the ceiling of the smoke sauna was renovated and replaced with a board ceiling. 

In 2019, the floor of the smoke sauna was renovated. During the summer, an old wooden sauna next to the main house was converted into a modern bathroom. Also, a modern toilet was built next to the bathroom and the kitchen was fully renovated. In addition, a well was built behind the main house, to provide clean and fresh groundwater to Ollero.